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**No need to choose Celcom, DiGi or Maxis! PrepaidMY automatically determines which network the mobile number is subscribed to.

MYR10 TopUp Credits
(Celcom | DiGi | Maxis)
Price: $
MYR30 TopUp Credits
(Celcom | DiGi | Maxis)
Price: $
MYR50 TopUp Credits
(Celcom | DiGi | Maxis)
Price: $
MYR100 TopUp Credits
(Celcom | DiGi | Maxis)
Price: $


**Don't forget to include the Mobile Number of the Recipient you want to top up. ex.+60 10 1234567 or 0060 10 1234567

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Top up any Malaysia, Celcom mobile numbers anywhere in the world today, anytime of the day.

Top Up MYR10, MYR30, MYR50 and MYR100 credits.

Celcom customer service #:
1111 or 03-3630-8888

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Top Up any DiGi mobile subscribers 365 days a year, 24/7.

Top Up MYR10, MYR30, MYR50 and MYR100 airtime.

DiGi customer service #:
016 2211 800

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Top Up any and all Malaysia Maxis and Hotlink mobile numbers in just a few easy steps.

Top Up MYR10, MYR30, MYR50 and MYR100 airtime.

Maxis customer service #:


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All orders are processed through our internationally recognized partner Paypal. Order using your Paypal account or any major credit card. Once payment is complete and verified, top up is processed. Delays may be experienced on rare instances.

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"It's so easy to recharge my family back home in Malaysia. No matter the network, no matter where I am or where my kids are, I can recharge them almost immediately. Two thumbs up!!!"