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The Best Souvenirs to Get from Malaysia

As a frequent traveler, I admit that I get stumped every now and then when it comes to buying souvenirs for my friends and family back home. As a certified shopaholic, this may be hard to believe about me, but there’s only so many times that I can bring home a key chain, a fridge magnet, a mug, or another t-shirt before my loved ones start getting tired of getting all these things. Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but I feel like I have to step up my game when it comes to souvenir shopping.

souvenir shopping
Souvenir shopping in Malaysia

This time around, I vowed to get only the most authentic and the most unique items that are somewhat indigenous to the country that I’ll be visiting. As I’m back in Malaysia, I figured that I probably would be toting home a batik-heavy collection to give to my friends. As it turns out, it’s not only this unique fabric that’s going to make it on my must-buy list. Who knew that there were so many unique items that I could find in Malaysia? Continue reading “The Best Souvenirs to Get from Malaysia”

Part II: The Best Places to Go Shopping in Malaysia

Last time, we learned about all the places one can go to in Malaysia for some bargain finds, and we mostly featured bazaars and markets. This week, it’s all about the malls.

Shopping spree in Malaysia

Though shopping in market places is lots of fun, sometimes, nothing comes close to a shopping spree inside a posh mall. You get to try on clothes in big dressing rooms, there’s no need to elbow other shoppers for the merchandise, and each piece in every store is there for a reason. The blouse goes with the trousers, the bag coordinates with the shoes, and so on. Buying things at the mall takes the guesswork out of shopping, and though it’s not the most creative or unusual way to shop, it probably is the most convenient way to do so, especially for people who don’t have the time or patience to look through racks and piles of clothing. Continue reading “Part II: The Best Places to Go Shopping in Malaysia”

The Best Places to Go Shopping in Malaysia

When visiting another country, there are three things that every tourist must do: go sightseeing, eat, and shop. It doesn’t matter if one has allotted a modest budget for travelling expenses, but for me, I think it’s important to take home a little piece of any country I visit. My own home has become a wasteland of souvenirs. There are the Matryoshka dolls I got in Russia, the miniature clogs from Holland, the figurine of a sumo wrestler from Japan, and a miniature of the Buckingham Palace sitting side by side on my living room shelves. Maybe I’ve got a mild hoarding problem, or maybe I just like to shop. Whatever it is, I make sure that wherever I go, I only go to the places where I can afford to buy the merchandise.

shop and dine in malaysia
Shopping in Malaysia

I’m no Paris Hilton, that’s for sure, so whenever I get the urge to blow all my money on a single item, like that one time that I had the strongest urge to splurge on a ridiculously expensive bag from the Louis Vuitton flagship store in Paris, I tell myself to calm down and suppress my inner madam so I can think things through. And more often than not, prudence rules over impulse, so my credit cards make it through my trips without suffering too much. Continue reading “The Best Places to Go Shopping in Malaysia”

Part II: Gotta-Have-It Gadgets from Celcom

Last time, we learned all about some of the must-have phones and tablets from Celcom. This week, we’re going to know about other gadgets from Celcom, particularly about their advantages and special features.

smartphones and gadgets
Latest smartphones and gadgets

Choosing a smartphone or a gadget should be done with care, paying special attention to things such as features, memory, security, and battery life, which can surely contribute to extending the life of your phone. It sucks to drop major bucks on a gadget, only to find out that it’s not worth it. It doesn’t really matter what brand it is, or how pretty and shiny it looks on the outside—it’s what’s inside the device that really matters. You might be surprised that sometimes, a phone from a lesser known brand will perform the same way as those brands that are highly praised by gadget fans. Continue reading “Part II: Gotta-Have-It Gadgets from Celcom”

Gotta-Have-It Gadgets from Celcom

Tired of your old phone? Wish you could get your hands on the latest phone model? Whether you’re a techie who would love to have the latest thing as soon as it arrives on the market or someone who just replaces his phone when it’s almost falling apart, there’s always a good reason to update your phone. At Celcom, you’ll be able to get only the best phones if you subscribe to their postpaid plans, and you’ll get great coverage, as well as access to add-ons and extra services. The hardest part may be choosing what to get. You may spend days, even weeks to think about what kind of phone you should be getting. But you know what? In this case, being picky about your phone is OK, since you’re going to be doing a lot of things on that phone from playing games, social networking, to calling and texting. Here’s a quick guide to follow before you choose a phone:

Celcom Logo

  • When it comes to phones, size matters.

Your shiny new gadget should make things easy for you, not make your life complicated by requiring the use of both of your hands to hold onto it and swipe on its screen. Ideally, you should be able to wrap your hand around it comfortably. The size of the screen Continue reading “Gotta-Have-It Gadgets from Celcom”

How to Have a Fun Night Out in Kuala Lumpur

You’ve been in Malaysia for several days, and you’ve done everything that any tourist is expected to do. KL Tower? Check. Day trip to Borneo? Check. A visit to Penang? Check. Now that you’ve been to almost all of the top destinations in Malaysia, you’re probably itching for a night out in town. You know what I’m talking about—a crazy night out with your friends, a bit of drinking here, some people watching and nudging each other when someone who looks incredibly hot walks by—that kind of night. If you’re game, then you can have an awesome time in Kuala Lumpur.

night at kuala lumpur
Party at Kuala Lumpur

Though the city is not as strict as other Moslem countries, it would be wise to dress a bit conservatively, yes, even if you’re gonna hit the clubs. So for men, it’s nice collared shirts and dark jeans and leather shoes and for women, skinny jeans and drapey or sparkly tops that don’t reveal cleavage. Oh, and absolutely no skirts or dresses so short that you’ll expose your bum once you bend over. And if you plan on going to posh locations, such as the upscale nightspots on Asian Heritage Row, remember to dress to impress, lest you risk getting turned away by the bouncer. Otherwise, you’re good to go. Continue reading “How to Have a Fun Night Out in Kuala Lumpur”

Best Places to Visit for a Honeymoon in Malaysia

Malaysia is an amazing place, filled with many sights and sounds that are unique to this Asian country. As many newlywed couples often opt for a tropical getaway for their honeymoon, Malaysia has shown an increase in popularity as an ultimate honeymoon destination because of its warm seasons throughout the year. It definitely is a great way to spend a romantic time with your partner, sitting side by side in a tropical paradise, sipping cool drinks while basking in the warmth of the sun.

Spend your honeymoon in Malaysia

Planning a romantic getaway in Malaysia is easier and cheaper than you think, and all you will need to do is a little bit of organization, and deciding where to go and what activities you would want to do. Whether you plan to stay in the city or go to a nearby island, or simply relax at the beach, there’s something for every couple who wants to spend quality time together. Continue reading “Best Places to Visit for a Honeymoon in Malaysia”

The Best Places to Visit in Malaysia with Kids

As children eagerly count down the days until school ends and summer vacation begins, travel-savvy parents start to plan vacations as early as two months before the actual trip. With so many things on the travel to-do list, it can be overwhelming if you choose to leave tasks undone until the last minute, so planning ahead is actually good practice for anyone who wants to travel with their kids in tow. Anyone who has had to travel with children can attest to the screaming, tantrums and meltdowns that happen during the trip, but with a little planning, it’s possible to have a great time with the kids.

travel with kids
Travel to Malaysia with your kids

If you plan to go to another country for a holiday, know that this will be a lot more challenging than a regular road trip. But if you want to make the most out of the kids’ summer vacation, then check out Malaysia for its numerous family-friendly attractions that will prove to be lots of fun for the young and the young at heart. Continue reading “The Best Places to Visit in Malaysia with Kids”

The Latest Apps from Maxis

Since the introduction of iOS and Android phones in the market, more and more apps have been developed to address particular needs. Nowadays, it seems like there’s an app for everything. Got lost on your way to an unfamiliar restaurant? There’s an app for that. Wanna improve the way your photos look? There’s an app for that. There are apps for lifestyle, entertainment, education, finance, and of course, gaming. But you gotta admit, a phone that’s chock-full of games isn’t really doing you any favors, except if you have a kid who grabs your phone 90 percent of the time to play a rousing game of Minecraft. To get the most use out of your phone, you need to download apps that work for your lifestyle and will help you get everyday tasks done.

Maxis company logo

Maxis, the first mobile network to bring the iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy to the Malaysian market, has revolutionized the way Malaysians use their cell phone by providing apps to its subscribers. Here are some of the apps that are exclusive to Maxis subscribers: Continue reading “The Latest Apps from Maxis”

The Best Malaysian Foods You Should Definitely Try

Malaysian cuisine is like the unassuming cast member among a bevy of stars in a major Hollywood flick. Though it’s not as well-known as other Asian cuisines, it shines and charms in its own way, making people want to take a second look or another bite. Malaysian food has a bit of Malay, Indian and Chinese influences mixed together, resulting in something that is truly unique and sublime in flavor and presentation.

malay food
Malaysian Cuisne

If you’re in Malaysia, you’ll get your fill of the food in no time at all, since it’s typical to eat six meals a day in this country. Because the eating never stops, you get to sample all the culinary offerings of the country, from high cuisine to street food offerings. But what should you eat first? To ensure that you’ll only be getting the best, here’s a compilation of the best Malaysian foods that you should definitely try.

Continue reading “The Best Malaysian Foods You Should Definitely Try”