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Do’s and Don’ts in Malaysia

Malaysia’s culture is as varied and diverse as the people living in it. With a mix of Malays, Chinese, and Indians living in the country, each ethnic group can be identified not only by the way they dress or look, but by the traditions that they adhere to up to this day. Malaysians are viewed as polite and endowed with a friendly disposition. Although the people living in the big cities are used to western visitors and their behavior, it still helps to know something about the local norms.

culture and traditions in Malaysia
Malaysian culture

The Malaysian population strives to maintain “face”, which is a personal concept that puts emphasis on good qualities such as good character, and maintaining a sense of esteem among family, friends, and colleagues. Face can be lost if someone is criticized or insulted, especially in public. The same holds true if someone is humiliated or if an authority figure is challenged publicly. It can also happen if a request is denied or a promise is not kept. Many foreigners have inadvertently caused someone to lose face simply because of lack of knowledge of the social graces and etiquettes in Malaysia. Here are some things that you can do to make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake. Continue reading “Do’s and Don’ts in Malaysia”

The Top Places to Go to in Malaysia

Malaysia is a land of multiple cultures. Here, you will find that the traditions of olden times and the influences of modern technology and architecture have mingled to form a delightful paradise for adventurers, shoppers, and gastronomes. In Malaysia, one can go and seek one of the highest buildings in the world (the Petronas Twin Towers), then grab a bite of authentic Malaysian cuisine at the side street kiosks just minutes away from it. There’s also a never-ending list of places and things to do that will keep any traveler pumped up to see more of this unique country.

twin towers
The amazing Petronas Twin Towers

If you only have a few days to spend in Malaysia, the key to hitting all the top places to go to is to plan your getaway in this order: eating, shopping, trekking, going to the beach, and getting a taste of local culture. Once you figure out what you want to do, it’s easy enough to plot an itinerary that will make the most of your visit. Continue reading “The Top Places to Go to in Malaysia”

Discover the Malaysian Homestay Experience

Are you planning to travel to Asia for an authentic cultural experience, but you unsure if you’re going to have the time and energy to do that?

Let’s say you’ve never been to Asia before, and for your first time in the continent, you picked Malaysia. Well, you chose the right place, my friend. True to its tourism tagline, Truly Asia, Malaysia is the embodiment of what Asia is all about. And a homestay program is the latest way to sample its truly Asian essence.

traditional house
Malay Traditional House

A homestay program gives tourists the chance to stay with a chosen family in the rural community of Malaysia. Instead of a typical hotel, you’ll be living in a traditional house in the countryside. Instead of braving the traffic and pounding the pavement in the city, you’ll be enjoying a more laid back lifestyle while breathing in the fresh air. Instead of a wakeup call from a hotel concierge, you get birdsong in the morning.  Rather than looking for the nearest fastfood joint for a quick but unsatisfying meal, you’ll be savoring home-cooked, traditional meals lovingly prepared for you by your host family. There will also be activities that you can participate in, so there’s no need to draw up your own itinerary. Continue reading “Discover the Malaysian Homestay Experience”