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Tired of your old phone? Wish you could get your hands on the latest phone model? Whether you’re a techie who would love to have the latest thing as soon as it arrives on the market or someone who just replaces his phone when it’s almost falling apart, there’s always a good reason to update your phone. At Celcom, you’ll be able to get only the best phones if you subscribe to their postpaid plans, and you’ll get great coverage, as well as access to add-ons and extra services. The hardest part may be choosing what to get. You may spend days, even weeks to think about what kind of phone you should be getting. But you know what? In this case, being picky about your phone is OK, since you’re going to be doing a lot of things on that phone from playing games, social networking, to calling and texting. Here’s a quick guide to follow before you choose a phone:

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  • When it comes to phones, size matters.

Your shiny new gadget should make things easy for you, not make your life complicated by requiring the use of both of your hands to hold onto it and swipe on its screen. Ideally, you should be able to wrap your hand around it comfortably. The size of the screen is likewise important. Do you need a large screen or a small screen? Big screen phones are growing on shoppers, and 5-inch screen phones now account for a quarter of all smartphones sold. A bigger screen is great if you spend a lot of time watching movies or videos on your phone, but bigger phones can be heavier and can be a tight fit for most pockets. Figuring out the ideal size of your phone will help you narrow down the choices for the ideal gadget for you.


  • Pick an operating system that you’re comfortable with.

There are four operating systems (or OS) that you can choose from. These are Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone. Nowadays, Android is the most popular smartphone platform because there’s a wider array of hardware options from different manufacturers, such as Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, and more. Its app store, Google Play, has more than a million apps so it pretty much has everything you’ll need. On the other hand, the iOS only runs exclusively on Apple devices, and the Apple App Store tends to get newer apps and games before other app stores. iOS is also the most intuitive smartphone platform, and the new iTunes Radio is definitely a plus.

Windows Phone has seen an increase in popularity, thanks to Nokia’s well-received Lumia phones. The platform boasts a dynamic interface with Live Tiles that display updates, and it’s easy to resize and rearrange these tiles to customize your phone. Other benefits include Xbox games, video and music as well as Office and Outlook integration. The Windows Phone Store recently surpassed 200,000 apps, but Microsoft’s platform still has about one-fifth of the apps available for Android and iOS.

Blackberry phones are for you if you love having a physical keyboard on your phone and don’t mind a small screen. Though it helped kick off the smartphone revolution years ago, truth is, it had a difficult time catching up to the other three platforms and lack some of the core amenities that Android, iOS and Windows Phone have.

Whatever you’ll choose, make sure that you’re comfortable with the OS, meaning it’s easy for you to navigate and that you find it user-friendly.

Here are the gadgets that you can choose from once you become a postpaid phone subscriber of Celcom.

1. iPhone

There are three types of iPhones available now from Celcom: the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c. But what’s the difference between these three? At first glance, they basically look the same, but they really have slight differences in features.

The iPhone 5 is a definite standout, and it’s very thin and light at only 112 grams. It has a large 4 inch screen with a resolution of 1136 x 640. It has a Retina display, which Apple defines as a screen where you can’t see the individual pixels. It runs on iOS6, and it starts at RM 278 with a monthly payment of RM98 to RM 128.

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5s is an evolution of the iPhone 5. It has a capacitive fingerprint sensor, so there’s no need to swipe figures or tap on numbers on the screen to unlock your phone. All you have to do is to press your finger to the sensor. The phones are available in different metallic finishes, which means that it won’t be so easy to scratch these ones. It weights the same as the iPhone 5 and has the same size screen, but this phone runs on iOS7. It starts at RM 418 with a monthly payment of RM 98 to RM 128.

The iPhone 5c is the most inexpensive phone in the iPhone 5 series, and it has a plastic body and is available in many colors like lime green, pink, white, yellow and sky blue. This is a bit heavier than the 5s and 5 at 132 grams, and it has the same 4-inch screen. It runs on the iOS7 and has pretty much all the hardware of the iPhone 5. You can get it for RM 88 with a monthly payment of RM 98 to RM 128.

2. Android

Celcom has 12 phones that run on the Android platform, but I chose to include here the top Android picks of the year.

First up, we have the Samsung Galaxy 5S. This is likely to be one of the best selling devices of 2014. This phone has a plastic body and weighs 145 grams, and it has a dimpled back which makes it feel secure and easier to grip. The main navigation button features a fingerprint scanner for security—sure to deter any snoops from peeking at your phone. It runs on the Android 4.4.2 Kitkat (by the way, whoever thinks of the names of the Android OS must have a heck of a sweet tooth.  Think about it. Jellybean. Froyo. Gingerbread. Kitkat. Ice Cream Sandwich. What’s next?) and has 16GB of internal memory. It has a screen measuring 5.1 inches, and is available for RM 988 with a monthly payment from RM 128 to RM 238.

samsung phone
Samsung Galaxy S5

The HTC One Max is HTC’s first phablet and it has a stylish aluminum unibody and an eye-catching design, perfect for those who love to follow the latest trends. At 217 grams, it’s quite heavy and the phone itself is big—even those with large hands might find it difficult to operate this with one hand alone. It has a 5.9 inch Super LCD3 panel, and image quality is incredibly sharp, while brightness, color and contrast are all excellent. It runs on the Android 4.3 Jellybean and is available at RM 1,638 with a monthly payment from RM 128 to RM 238.

The Lenovo Vibe Z is Thinkpad’s latest Android phone. It weighs an astounding 5.12 ounces and is super thin at 0.31 inches. It has a 5.5 inch screen and a plastic shell, and runs on the Android 4.3 Jellybean. It’s equipped with two cameras—one at the back, and another in the front, which is great for taking the ubiquitous selfie shot. It’s available at RM 988 with a monthly payment from RM 128 to RM 238.

Next week, we’ll learn more about other Android phones from Celcom, as well as Blackberry and Nokia phones, and tablets available.

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