Part II: Gotta-Have-It Gadgets from Celcom

Last time, we learned all about some of the must-have phones and tablets from Celcom. This week, we’re going to know about other gadgets from Celcom, particularly about their advantages and special features.

smartphones and gadgets
Latest smartphones and gadgets

Choosing a smartphone or a gadget should be done with care, paying special attention to things such as features, memory, security, and battery life, which can surely contribute to extending the life of your phone. It sucks to drop major bucks on a gadget, only to find out that it’s not worth it. It doesn’t really matter what brand it is, or how pretty and shiny it looks on the outside—it’s what’s inside the device that really matters. You might be surprised that sometimes, a phone from a lesser known brand will perform the same way as those brands that are highly praised by gadget fans.

Here are other things to consider before you fork over your hard-earned cash for a new phone or tablet:


Data security is a big concern for anyone who stores personal information on their phone or buys things online using a gadget. All smartphones have security features in one form or another, with most providing PIN-protection when the handset is turned on. On Android smartphones, a swipe pattern to unlock devices is common.

However, it’s not only would-be thieves that could gain access to your bank or personal information. The apps you install and the social networks you use could definitely be security risks. Apps such as Lookout can help check the integrity of items downloaded to your phone, but location tracking apps and messaging apps can also pose a threat in their own way. When it comes to security, iPhone and Blackberry handsets are more secure than the open-source Google Android platform, but even if you’re using these phones, you should still exercise caution and be wary of sites or apps that could access data from your device.

In case your Blackberry or iPhone device gets stolen, it can be remotely tracked and can also be remotely wiped, which keeps your personal info safe.

Storage or Memory

Storage or Memory
Memory Cards

When it comes to storage or internal memory, think big. Even if you’re not planning to keep lots of pictures, music, or videos on your device, it’s nice to have lots of space for apps. This is especially important for those who plan to buy an iPhone, which can’t be expanded with memory cards. Try to choose a device with at least 16GB memory. However, if you choose a handset with a MicroSD slot, then storage capacity won’t be an issue for you. Check your gadget’s manual to see up to what amount of external storage it can accommodate. Your 32GB MicroSD card might not be appropriate for a phone that recommends up to 16GB external memory only.

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, it’s best to look it up online or ask around. The difference between a phone with a good battery life and a phone that lasts only a few hours after charging can mean a world of difference. It’s advisable to pick a phone with a long battery life to start with, because battery life can only get worse with time. If possible, get a phone with a removable battery so you can swap out a defective battery.

It’s a good thing that Celcom has a wide range of cellphones and tablets to choose from to fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether it’s an iPhone, an Android, a Blackberry, or a Windows phone that you’re looking for, you can find it among their latest offerings bundled with their postpaid plans. Here are other phones and devices that you can get from Celcom:

1. Windows Phone

Windows phones probably have the most attractive homepage display among all of the smartphone platforms. Windows uses Live Tiles, which are half icon, half widget, so everything on your homepage can display moving information or graphics. Celcom offers three windows phones, which are the Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 520, and the Nokia Lumia 1020. So how can one tell one Nokia Lumia from another?

Let’s begin by comparing the Lumia 520 with the 920. As you can see in pictures online, they almost look exactly the same. They both run on Windows Phone 8, but that’s where the similarities end. The 520 has a screen that measures exactly 4 inches, while the 920’s screen is slightly larger at 4.5 inches. The 520 is lighter at 124 grams, compared to the 920 which weighs 185 grams. The Lumia 920’s resolution is better, which is 768 x 1280 pixels, making it ideal for viewing videos. However, the 520’s resolution is not too shabby by comparison, which at 480 x 800 pixels gives you great picture quality, though images can be quite grainy, depending on the lighting.

windows phone
Nokia Lumia 920

The 920 has a far bigger storage at a whopping 32GB, compared to the 8GB of the 520. For a basic Windows phone, you can get the Lumia 520 starting at RM 188, or you can opt for the much upgraded Lumia 920, which starts at RM 1,058.

As for the Lumia 1020, in most aspects it comes thisclose to being the Lumia 920’s twin. It has the same weight, same screen size, and same internal memory. The one thing that makes the 1020 stand out though is its superb image quality when compared to the 920. The 41-megapixel sensor found on the 1020 does a tremendous job of capturing a ton of light, detail and color, and putting that all together results to stunning photos. So if you’re fond of taking pictures with your smartphone, your best bet is to get the Lumia 1020, which is available starting at RM 1,638.

2. Other Devices from Celcom

Aside from the usual tablets and phones, Celcom has two brand new devices that will surely pique the interest of a lot of tech enthusiasts.

One of these devices is the Samsung ATIV Smart PC. This is what you get when you combine a good tablet hardware with a decent tablet software. This is Samsung’s first Windows 8 3G tablet, and for the price of one device, you actually get a tablet that transforms into a laptop with the addition of a keyboard dock. Though the Smart PC can be used solely as a laptop, the reason why most people buy this is because of its unique features as a tablet.

Without the keyboard, the gadget weighs less than two pounds, and it has an 11.6 inch display which is bigger than any other tablet in the market. It also comes with an S Pen, a stylus that can also be found on other Samsung Galaxy Note devices. You can use this stylus to take notes and make drawings.

The 1080p resolution makes everything on the screen look good. You get high definition videos, sharp pictures, and an overall pleasant experience using the Smart PC, and you can get it for only RM 1,758.

samsung camera
Samsung Galaxy Camera

Another special device from Celcom also comes from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Camera. At first glance, people get confused about what it really is. It is an actual camera? What it is—an innovative smartphone/camera hybrid. It looks like a point and shoot camera, but it has lots of special features that will make selfie addicts rush to the stores to get one of their own. For instance, it’s a WiFi-enabled camera that reacts quickly to the touch or swipe of a finger. It also has the capability to connect, upload, and share to an endless lineup of social media sites. It has a 4.77 inch screen, and its coolest feature is its ability to function through voice activated commands. Simply tell the camera to zoom in, zoom out, set the timer, or take the picture, and it does that. Amazing, right? It’s available for RM 1,499.

The next time you’re thinking about getting a new phone or a cool gadget, look no further than Celcom. You’ll get great service from Malaysia’s leading telecoms company, and you’ll have the latest device, right at your fingertips, for a very affordable price. Check out Celcom today for their latest offers.

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