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Since the introduction of iOS and Android phones in the market, more and more apps have been developed to address particular needs. Nowadays, it seems like there’s an app for everything. Got lost on your way to an unfamiliar restaurant? There’s an app for that. Wanna improve the way your photos look? There’s an app for that. There are apps for lifestyle, entertainment, education, finance, and of course, gaming. But you gotta admit, a phone that’s chock-full of games isn’t really doing you any favors, except if you have a kid who grabs your phone 90 percent of the time to play a rousing game of Minecraft. To get the most use out of your phone, you need to download apps that work for your lifestyle and will help you get everyday tasks done.

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Maxis, the first mobile network to bring the iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy to the Malaysian market, has revolutionized the way Malaysians use their cell phone by providing apps to its subscribers. Here are some of the apps that are exclusive to Maxis subscribers:

1. Kiddie Care

Did you know that there are more than 600 million websites on the Internet? Most of the sites are pretty safe, some of them are silly and harmless, but there’s a lot out there that should not be accessed, ever. If you’re like me, I tend to snoop around while my kid is using the computer or his phone to look up stuff. I need to know that he’s accessing approved content and not going on any sites that he’s not supposed to be on.

The Kiddie Care app is an app that can help ease some of the worries of parents when it comes to their kids’ Internet usage habits. Simply download the app on your child’s Android phone, and it automatically blocks out 7 million malicious apps and web sites. What’s more, you can set Internet access policy by age groups, and block off pre-defined applications or websites. You can also set Internet usage time and view stats and reports. Even better, you’ll get access to view filtered SMS keywords, which will keep your child safe from bullying or harassment through SMS. Now you can have some peace of mind by keeping your kids safe from online dangers. To download, send ON KC to 22566, then download the Parent App to your phone and the Kiddie App to your child’s phone.

2. Spotify Premium

You’re gonna love this app if you’re a major music fan. Maxis has teamed up with Spotify to bring you Spotify Premium. Spotify is a digital music-streaming device that gives you on-demand access to millions of songs on your device. Though there’s a free version, it’s funded by advertisements so you get a lot of annoying ads on your device, and it has limited features. With Spotify Premium, you can listen to music even while you’re offline, it’s completely ad-free and you’ll get the best sound quality ever. So now, you can groove to Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and all the hottest artists from different genres anytime.

3. Maxis Wifi

wifi maxis
Maxis wifi device and manual

Have you ever seen people walking around, holding their phones in front of them while looking for a decent wifi signal? Admit it, you’ve done it too. There’s the holding the phone over the head to see if that’ll improve the signal maneuver. There’s the going to a higher floor to get another bar on the signal, and there’s the walking around while pointing the phone at random cafes that advertise free wifi. This is all good if you’ve got the time, but if you’re in a pinch, then you’ll definitely need the Maxis Wifi app. This enables you to spot the nearest Maxis Wifi hotspot wherever you are. You can choose from the different access passes available. If you need immediate access for a day, send Buy Day via SMS to 26001. If you need it for a week, send Buy Week to 26001. If you need more than that, then go for the monthly pass, all you have to do is send Buy Month to 26001.

4. Circle Watch

Perhaps you’ve experienced waiting for a kid who should have been home an hour ago. Or you lost contact with a friend while he’s on vacation and you don’t know where to reach him. Enter Circle Watch, the app from Maxis that lets you see where your loved ones are located and lets you know if they need help.

This app immediately lets you know where your loved ones are on a map. You’ll get alerts if a child leaves a safe zone, such as the school or home. If you have a teenage kid, you’re gonna love the fact that this app keeps track of event durations and alerts you if there is no confirmation of safety by your loved ones when the event duration expires. In case of emergencies, the app has a Panic Alert trigger to alert you when your loved one is in distress and provide the location of the person, along with a video of the incident. This is a great app for parents, and the peace of mind that you’ll get knowing that everyone is safe is priceless.

5. Maxis Finder 301

Places have a convenient way of disappearing from memory when we need them the most. The location of the nearest ATM machine, for instance. How is it that we cannot find a single ATM when we need cash, like, right this minute? Or, say you get a hankering for a certain kind of food, and you don’t know where to get it. Annoying, right? Well, the Maxis Finder 301 makes finding places easier. With it, you can get information on the nearest restaurants, banks, ATMS, clinics, police stations and other places, depending on your current location.

Foodies will appreciate the fact that Finder 301 has the largest food listing in Malaysia, so yummy eats can be found with a few swipes on an Android device. The app is equipped with an augmented reality view, so you can use the camera function to check out what’s recommended within your area, and it will also provide information regarding your proximity to the place. If you sign up as a contributor to Finder 301, you can share comments on the places you’ve been to.

6. My Healthy Heart

One of the main concerns of any person is staying healthy. Apart from eating the right foods, monitoring your blood pressure, and popping vitamins, this app can help you stay healthy by educating, motivating and helping you lead a healthier lifestyle.

With this app, you can get regular health tips sent via SMS directly from the Institut Jantung Negara. You can choose from a range of health advice divided into several categories such as weight loss, cardio, or diet. There’s also a calorie counter and a guide to pills and dietary supplements.

This app has a lot of tools so you can monitor your progress and track down everything from medication reminders, right down to a pedometer that tracks down the number of steps you take each day (sure beats the kind that you strap to your ankle!) and the number of calories you’re burning. You can log your progress on the BMI calculator, and with the Framingham Risk Score function you can keep track of your fitness gains and your lowered chances of heart disease. It’s a great app for the entire family to stay healthy and in shape.

You can get all these apps from the Maxis App Store. Charges will apply depending on the app you choose. So get with the program and get these apps for your phone today, and see how they help increase your productivity, bring you peace of mind, and keep you entertained all at the same time.

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